In vitro measures of human nasal epithelial (HNE) cell physiology across the groups

CF (n=26)CR (n=16)HC (n=14)p-valuep-value
(CF vs HC)
(CF vs CR)
(CR vs HC)
Culture success/failed (n)23/39/714/00.0040.180.0040.001
Cl current (µA·cm−2)0.21 (−0.2–0.5) (n=16)4.0 (1.5–5.2) (n=7)5.4 (4.9–10.2) (n=13)0.0001<0.00010.0030.13
Na+ current (µA·cm−2)22.1 (7.8–41.3) (n=16)9.3 (2.5–18.4) (n=7)37.2 (26.0–46.9) (n=13)0.0120.100.040.004
i-ratio (Na+ current/
Cl current)
29.4 (−3.9–112.3) (n=16)1.2 (0.7–3.9) (n=7)6.0 (4.2–8.0) (n=13)
TER (ohm·cm2)651 (453–807) (n=16)717 (205–1066) (n=7)556 (499–673) (n=13)0.630.500.370.66
Cell ABS (% cleared per 24 h)49.7 (38.2–54.1) (n=23)42.4 (35.6–54.3) (n=9)36.8 (27.1–45.2) (n=14)
Normalised liquid absorption rate (% per 24 h)68.4 (61.2–80.2) (n=17)53.7 (39.5–72.5) (n=7)59.4 (37.2–66.5) (n=13)
HNE ASL FRAP diffusion time (τ/τsaline)3.5 (2.8–4.0) (n=10)2.7 (1.2–3.0) (n=5)2.1 (1.3–3.1) (n=13)

Data are presented as median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. CF: cystic fibrosis; CR: single CF transmembrane conductance regulator mutation carrier; HC: healthy control; TER: transepithelial resistance; ABS: technetium-99m-DTPA absorption rate; ASL: airway surface liquid; FRAP: fluorescence recovery after photobleaching. Cl and Na+ currents and TER were measured using Ussing chamber assessments. Cell ABS is the absorption rate of technetium-99m-DTPA from the apical surface of the cultures after addition in a 10 µL volume. Liquid absorption is measured via an optical technique [6] based on changes in ASL volume after 10 µL volume addition. Not all sampled cultures were viable and available for all measurements. Data presented graphically in supplementary figure S3. p-values comparing all groups by Kruskal–Wallis (nonparametric) except for culture success/failure which is Chi-squared. Group comparisons by Dunn's test with Holm adjustment (nonparametric, multiple comparisons). The number of individual cell donors is indicated. A minimum of three cultures is included in each measurement.