Effectiveness of the home-based pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) programme in both patients with COPD and their informal caregivers

AssessmentsBaseline M0End of PR M2ΔM2 – M0p-value
Informal caregivers
 Anxiety symptoms9.5±4.78.5±4.9−0.9±3.50.006
 Depressive symptoms5.2±4.14.3±3.5−0.6±3.10.047
 FAS score21.9±7.720.1±7.2−1.4±6.60.026
 ZBI score21.6±15.118.9±15.0−2.5±11.40.024
 Anxiety symptoms9.5±4.78.0±4.2−1.5±3.6<0.001
 Depressive symptoms8.0±3.95.8±4.0−2.0±3.4<0.001
 FAS score27.7±8.222.7±7.4−4.6±7.0<0.001
 mMRC score3.0±1.12.4±1.2−0.5±0.8<0.001
 CCQ total score3.1±1.12.3±1.1−0.7±0.8<0.001
 6MST, strokes302±157398±172 83±61<0.001

Data are presented as mean±sd. p-values were obtained using paired t-test. FAS: Fatigue Assessment Scale; ZBI: Zarit Burden Interview; mMRC: modified Medical Research Council scale; CCQ: Clinical COPD questionnaire; 6MST: 6-min stepper test.