Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) parameters and monitoring at day 30 for adherent patients of the at-home NIV initiation subgroup

Day 30Corrected SpO2Noncorrected SpO2p-value
NIV parameters
 Patients, n12699 (79)21 (17)
 IPAP (cmH20)12.1±1.9712±1.912.8±2.290.118
 EPAP (cmH20)6.86±1.526.75±1.477.75±1.370.006
 Back-up respiratory rate (acts per minute)13.4±1.1713.5±1.1513.3±1.030.531
 Rise time (ms)444±134447±140439±1150.602
 Trigger (L·min−1)5.96±0.575.95±0.646±00.736
 Cycling (%IPF)23±5.3922.7±5.4724±5.530.345
tI min (s)0.674±0.670.698±0.70.6±0.160.566
tI max (s)1.8±0.31.80±0.31.81±0.310.862
 Face mask121 (96)96 (97)18 (90)0.156
NIV monitoring
 Days (n)29.5±3.0729.6±3.1828.6±2.580.169
 Days without use1.57±1.571.55±3.450.286±0.720.099
 Patients with fractional use3 (2)2 (2)1 (5)0.444
 NIV use (h)7.58±1.507.45±1.488.17±1.360.043
VT (mL)426±88420±80.9456±1130.099
 Respiratory rate (acts per minute)16.2±5.5516.3±2.6215.4±1.790.131
 Leaks (L·min−1)4.04±12.23.98±13.24.74±8.660.805
 Leaks >24 L·min−14 (3)3 (3)1 (5)0.656
 AHI >1024 (19)16 (16)6 (30)0.146
SpO2 assessment
SpO2 night-time <90 (%)3.62±7.011.38±1.5614.2±11.8<0.001

There were six missing results. Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%) unless otherwise stated. AHI: apnoea-hypopnoea index; EPAP: expiratory positive airway pressure; IPAP: inspiratory positive airway pressure; IPF: inspiratory peak flow; SpO2: oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry; tI: inspiratory time; VT: tidal volume.