Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) parameters and monitoring at day 30 for the whole cohort

TotalAt-home patientsInpatientsp-value
NIV parameters
 Patients, n22117942
 IPAP (cmH20)12.2±2.3111.8±1.9814±2.81<0.001
 EPAP (cmH20)6.7±1.496.66±1.486.85±1.530.465
 Back-up respiratory rate (acts per minute)13.5±1.2513.4±1.1714.2±1.36<0.001
 Rise time (ms)428±138439±134372±1490.007
 Trigger (L·min−1)5.89±0.885.97±0.625.53±1.620.007
 Cycling (%IPF)23.4±5.6723.1±5.2425±7.660.082
tI min (s)0.664±0.6400.644±0.5700.769±0.9220.293
tI max (s)1.78±0.3051.80±0.2891.70±0.3710.078
NIV monitoring
 Days (n)31.4±10.130.6±7.0735.3±18.20.009
 Days without use (n)4.26±8.663.88±7.015.95±13.80.172
 Patients with fractional use (n)23 (10)10 (6)13 (31)<0.001
 NIV use (h)6.15±3.235.99±2.876.85±4.480.126
VT (mL)439±118427±89.7490±1930.002
 Respiratory rate (acts per minute)16.8±3.1316.5±2.7318±4.320.007
 Leaks (L·min−1)5.57±15.13.69±10.713.7±25.6<0.001
 Leaks >24 L·min−1 (n)10 (5)4 (2)6 (14)<0.001
 AHI >10 (n)41 (19)27 (15)14 (33)0.004

12 deaths before day 30 were excluded from analysis. Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%) unless otherwise stated. AHI: apnoea–hypopnoea index; EPAP: expiratory positive airway pressure; IPAP: inspiratory positive airway pressure; IPF: inspiratory peak flow; VT: tidal volume; tI: inspiratory time.