Characteristics of studies that assessed CT-defined emphysema

StudyCountryStudy typePopulationAssessment methodImaging examinationPrevalence %Predictor of survival
Ueda K et al. [10]JapanProspective100 NSCLCQuantitativeHRCT58Yes
Gullón JA et al. [26]SpainProspective359 NSCLCQuantitativeHRCT31Yes
Zulueta JJ et al. [31]USAProspective9047 smokersVisualLDCT29Yes
Mina N et al. [8]USARetrospective114 NSCLCVisualHRCT75No
Bishawi M et al. [27]USARetrospective153 NSCLCVisualHRCT75Yes
Kumagai S et al. [7]JapanRetrospective365 NSCLCVisualHRCT27No
Lynch DA et al. [28]USARetrospective3171 smokersVisualHRCT66Yes
Labaki WW et al. [24]USARCT7262 smokersQuantitativeLDCT45Yes
Yasuura Y et al. [9]JapanRetrospective1062 NSCLCQuantitativeLDCT14Yes
Current studyChinaProspective854 NSCLCVisualHRCT35Yes

CT: computed tomography; NSCLC: nonsmall cell lung cancer; HRCT: high-resolution computed tomography; LDCT: low-dose computed tomography.